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2007-09-16: easy-spice 0.6.8 released

Changes in this release:
- netlist backend is configurable now
- changed configuration file format to GKeyFile (GLIB)
- improved saving local options
- removed the project name and the close button from the main window
- bug fixes 
Note: The file format change requires GLIB 2.6 to compile. If you're using an older version easyspice won't compile.

2006-03-07: easy-spice 0.6.7 released

Changes in this release:
- ported easy-spice to GTK2
- support for new gschem file format
- library dialog
- file open, save, save_as added
- local configuration file
- bug fixes

2006-02-12: homepage launched

Put the homepage to SF.net. The homepage layout skeleton is from the pcb homepage. Many thanks to Dan.

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